Red Hawk Tribe

One of several human tribes that live in Brind-Amor, the Red Hawk Tribe are a nomadic band that was founded by Nargoth the Great, the first chieftain. Like the mountain hawk they were named after, the tribe excels in stalking game and are ever vigilant in watching for threats. This steadfast behavior has really been instilled in the tribe since Nargoth was killed by the Doombringer Orcs in a surprise attack.

Since Reshk, son of Nargoth, took over the tribe and they have remained cautious as they travel through the Jayt Valley located within the Kainin Mountains.

Session #1 (1st Era) – A majority of the Red Hawks were able to escape certain death at the hands of the Doombringer Orcs when Reshk sacrificed himself and his elite warriors to allow the rest of them to escape. The Red Hawks, now under the leadership of the Three Feathers, exited the Jayt Valley and Kainin Mountains for good and traveled north to build a new and permanent home for themselves at the Great Bay.

Session #1.5 – When the Council of Elders helped establish the village of Elon a lot of the names and traditions of the Red Hawk Tribe fell aside in order to incorporate those other tribes who joined as well as the local fishing villages. Two aspects that remain are the Test of Reshk and the Spirit of the Hawk.

Red Hawk Tribe

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