Reshk, son of Nargoth, is the current chieftain of the Red Hawk Tribe. While not as strong or fierce as his father, Reshk is a capable leader and the tribe has faired well. Reshk has introduced new hunting techniques, identified wild growing fruits, and most importantly he has kept the tribe out of harms way.

Reshk has long dreamed of ending the nomadic ways of the Red Hawks and settling down in a permanent location but the time has never been right. Perhaps as the tribe finishes picking off deer from the herd they are following through the Jayt Valley near the center of the Kainin Mountains.

Session #1 (1st Era) – Reshk died while holding off the Doombringer Orcs as the rest of the Red Hawk Tribe fled through the Jayt Valley and eventually settled at the Great Bay.

Session #1.5 – Amazingly Reshk survived the attack by the Doombringer Orcs. In a heroic tale that is still a favorite of the people of Elon, Reshk and the rest of his elite warriors held off the orcs so that the rest of the Red Hawk Tribe could make their escape. Nearly dead, the orcs left Reshk alive so that the orc war chieftain could slay him in battle. Reshk denied him the pleasure a lept down the mountain to his death. However, unknown to the orcs, Reshk survived the fall and was nursed back to health by members of the reclusive Grey Fox Tribe. As he regained his strength Reshk began to search for his tribe and with the help of the Grey Fox, he was reunited with them after the village of Elon began to take shape. Reshk had lost his right arm and part of his left foot and upon his return, he gave his blessing to the Council of Elders to rule over the people. Reshk lived out his days on the docks of the Attlica Bay, staring out to sea with a smile on his face, knowing that he had saved his people and gave them a better life. After his death the Council honored him by forming the Test of Reshk; a test of strength and an honor to the past that is held every five years.


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