Robes of the Fallen

One of the Seven Artifacts of the world, the Robes of the Fallen are most evil. These robes are stained with blood and reek of death. They are only worn by the most despicable and heinous creatures imaginable. They are grant the wearer great powers over death and even the ability to cause a quick and fiery end by the hands of an unquestionable beast of power. The robes gives the decadent soul that wears them nigh immortality, acting as a phylactery, a most perverted device used to further the life of one who should have long been dead. Fear the one who wears this bloodstained robe for they are not one that you will soon forget.


Session #26 (4th Era) Corvus Septum caught up the Legion of Aqium team that had acquired the Robes of the Fallen in the ruins of Durn Khete-Tymir, and they were able to abscond with them before they could be handed over to the ghostly visage of Astriminar the Lich. During the battle, and only to prevent them from being taken back, Rigel 108 donned the robes and cursed himself in the process. Currently the group is working on a solution to this problem, but they only have 30 days to stop it.

Session #27 (4th Era) Chancellor Gavin told Corvus that the one person that could help them with this Robes of the Fallen situation, was a tiefling researcher named Morthos. Corvus had to sneak into Fort Rifugio and break him out from the clutches of the Legion of Aqium.

Session #28 (4th Era) – The Robes of the Fallen were destroyed in Khirn Doral after a lengthy process of preparation and ideal surroundings. Morthos believes that he might be able to reconstruct a new artifact from the left over arcane magics from the Robe.

Robes of the Fallen

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