Sacred Writings of Ao

The Sacred Writings of Ao is the bible of the Holy City of Southwatch, it is what governs the people, and it is what gives the hope and direction in life.

The Sacred Writings of Ao was actually a collaboration between Quill Faddis and Triton 714 during the 1st era after the Wenja settled in this area. The Writings divide the society into three classes of people. Followers, Priests, and Paladins.

Followers are the regular people who worship Ao, tend to their duties, and pray each day. Some work on the Icon of Ao while others tend to fields or livestock.

The Priests are the religious backbone of the community. They lead the prayers, settle disputes when they arise, and speak on behalf of the city. Their hierarchy is broken down into five levels:

1. Acolyte
2. Adept
3. Priest
4. Divine
5. Quill

The 5th and final level, Quill, is seldom attained, and is appointed by all that are Divine in rank. Those that are Quill are allowed to write on behalf of Ao himself and can move the direction of the Holy City to what best suits Ao. When their is no Quill, the senior member of the Divine rank will act as leader, but will make no decisions without the majority of the other Divines. The current senior Divine is Divine Dermenian.

The Paladins are a small and noble class. They acts as guards, both protecting the peace and warding off would be invaders. Although it is rare to see invaders in or around the Holy City, the paladins are steadfast in their duties. Their ranks are:

1. Protector
2. Vanguard
3. Defender
4. Guardian
5. Justicar


Session #4 (2nd Era) – As the Champions of Elon left the Holy City of Southwatch, they were given dozens of copies of the Holy Writings to take back to Elon along with Acolyte Gallus.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – Several passages from the Sacred Writings of Ao could be found on the Greatsword of Ao when the Champions of Elon found in and other Skyland Objects on Skyland.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – by now the Sacred Writings have made their way all over Brind-Amor but with little success. Very few people actually move to Southwatch to take up the mantle of being one of the faith.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – Through a flashback of Trition 714, it is learned that a little girl named Pella was the first to pray to Ao and later became Elemiah, First Quill of Ao, and author of the Sacred Writings of Ao.

Sacred Writings of Ao

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