Sea Word

The second of two galleons built by the Brind Amor Confederacy in the city of Elon for exploration into the Great Sea. The Sea Word is set to sail some seven years after the United Pride and two years after it was scheduled to return.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – As was the tradition with the appointment of the officers and crew of the United Pride, the Sea Word will also determine its sailors from results of the Tests of Reshk. The construction of the Sea Word was propelled by a fear from the Council of Elders over the missing United Pride and the constant pursuit by Esbjorn Broske.

Session #8 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word set sail in Year 26 of the Red Comet and came across Skeleton Rock, a tiny deserted island, before sailing to Geargrind Island, part of the Styrc Isles. Their they helped the gnomes with a handful of quests. They also traveled to Ao’s Well and sank the Tempest Swarm ship called the Soaring Waves.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – The ship sailed back to Filbiklink for repairs then departed for Prewth Island to retrieve cottonwood trees. Upon return from that island they fought and sank another Tempest Swarm ship, and suffered more damage than their first sea battle.

Session #10 (3rd Era) – The ship was in Filbiklink for almost a week for repairs until the Pillage was spotted passing by. The Sea Word chased it back to its base on Jagged Isle where the Pillage was sunk. From here they sailed to Ao’s Well to help Miles the Farmer with a rat problem. After this it found the Great White Shark and later investigated the Aluredes shipwreck as an attack of the Scourge mysteriously started below decks.

Session #11 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word, after fighting off the Scourge attack, sailed for Binable to speak with Wilhik Rovelcast. From there they dropped off Gwendoline at Ston Cay, then sailed to Nightrock on Razor Spine Isle.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word finished things up in Nightrock and sailed back to Geargrind Island with the new armor plating plans they found in Glynxidor’s mansion. After a brief encounter with the Great White Shark, the Sea Word arrived in Geargrind just in time to battle the Tempest Swarm ships the Thundering Waves and the Blacksail as they were attack the canopy. After weeks of repair and getting fitted with the armor plating, the Sea Word set sail for the Decius Empire, painted their sails, and docked at the town of Savarius.


Session #13 (3rd Era) – While in Savarius, the Senior Officers helped Nyth Whitestorm free here Arethrion Elf comrades from certain death. They sailed for Caromago Island where the Sea Word would rendezvous with them. When the Sea Word finally showed up, they learned it was attacked by a Krake Spawn. The discovered the iceberg where the Krake Spawn lived and liberated most of the abducted crewmen and returned to the Sea Word.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – After fighting in the King of the Hill Tournament in Centum Treyopolis, the officers returned to the ship. Jaffe handed over control of the Sea Word to Captain Ravenclaw, and Jaffe was awarded the ceremonial position of “Admiral”. From here they sailed for western Decius where they figured out where the United Pride sank. After recovering most of the valuable wreckage, they sail toward Gnosis Lake so that Un’Goro could try and assist the Lord of the Hunt.

Session #15 (3rd Era) – From here the Sea Word sailed for the Cerioth Dragonegg Hatchery to liberate it. With the young bronze dragon Kimerth on board, the Sea Word set sail for Scalaycium to look for additional lost crewmen of the United Pride.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – After the heroes dealt with the problem plaguing the people of Scalaycium, as well as the failed ambush attempt by Chancellor Cassius, the officers returned to Sea Word and had to disable and sink two Galerius Brotherhood warships in the bay before sailing away. Captain Ravenclaw ordered the ship to put some distance between them and Scalaycium for now, but the ship is heavily damaged.


Sea Word

Captain – Talsion Jaffe
Quartermaster – Un’Goro
Helmsman – Junior Officer Abai
Master Gunner – Junior Officer Xanzin
Boatswain – Random sailor
Medic – Junior Officer Rurik
Other – (8) Bearfolk
Crewmen – (20) Able

Session #18 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word, along with the rest of the Brind Amor Fleet, attacked and sunk two Brotherhood warships in Ice Maw Bay as the heroes went to assists the Arethrion Elves in Northern Decius. The Senior Officers would later teleport to Central Aqium, and the location of the Quiet Fury is unknown at this time.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – During the three-and-a-half years the seniors officers were trapped in the Fortress of the Ur Mage, the ships of the Brind Amor Fleet went through changes, each going off in their own direction. The Sea Word returned to the gnomes of Geargrind Island, assisted them wherever they could, but remain loyal and patient as they waited for the senior officers to return one day. It is run by former Junior Officers which include the following:

Captain – Abai Nanzold (human warlock 4, former helmsmen of Sea Word
Quartermaster – Clerk Amiel
Helmsman – One Dragonborn (Bhadaar)
Medic – Rurik Hillmaster (dwarf druid 1)
Master Gunner – Xanzin Smallwood (halfling bard 1) and was former Master Gunner on Sea Word

Sea Word

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