Selussa Alealyth

Beautiful and powerful, Selussa Alealyth is the leader of the Galadinthar Elves and also the high wizard of her people. She comes from a long line of arcane-touched elves, making the Alealyth family a near dynasty amongst the elves of the Galadinthar Forest.

In a somewhat controversial move, Selussa fell in love with a human from the nearby settlement of Rothia. Takkar was a strong leader, much like herself but possessed other attributes not common among the elves. The two fell deeply in love when they found they shared an interest and proficiency in singing. It was in their singing that both the humans and elves could see the beauty of this cross-race relationship and both gave their blessings, uniting the two people once and for all.

The humans and elves were not the only ones that fell for their music. Two green dragons, Tiemeth and Mersoth, also heard their angelic voices. And what they loved, they had to have for themselves. In a surprise attack the two dragons swooped in and captured Takkar, enslaving him to sing for them whenever they liked. Selussa was saddened by this and swore to save her love.

Using her arcane powers, she put forth a beacon of hope. A beautiful song heard throughout the land that would call upon heroes to right a wrong, to return her love to her.


Session #4 – The Champions of Elon were sailing south of the Galadinthar Forest when they first heard Selussa’s song. The followed the music and found a joint force of elves and humans ready to stage an ambush on the green dragons and save Takker. The Champions agreed and the entire forced moved to a known lair of Tiemeth and Mersoth. Selussa began to sing and the dragons could not resist trying to add her to their collection. They swooped in and the ambush was set. Eventually the Champions slew both dragons and Takker and an ever grateful Selussa were reunited once again.

As a thanks for their help, Selussa shared with the Champions the Unlocked Knowledge of the Wizard class.

Session #6 & 7 (2nd Era) – She and the Galadinthar Elves fought with the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – After Takker passed away Selussa worked on the Arcane Universities, building them near the Pillars and allowing anyone who showed an aptitude towards the Arcane magics to enter. She has been focusing her time at the University on Skyland where she attempts to produce a Jewel of the Pillar.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – Selussa met with Captain Jaffe during his brief return to Brind-Amor and told him about their loss of an arcane researcher named Tinesia. She teleported through to an unknown pillar and has never been seen again. Selussa and the Council of Elders decided it would be best to unpower the Jayt and Skyland Pillars except for a few minutes each day at noon and midnight in fears that this mysterious location could teleport through and attack.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – During a puzzle to free The Chronomancer, Selussa’s name was used along with nine other heroes of the ages.

Selussa Alealyth

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