A mysterious and strange floating island that wanders aimless across Brind-Amor, the Skyland as it is called, has never been visited by anyone. Legend has it that Ao sits atop it from massive stone dwelling and pulls the strings of all mankind from above.

While the travels of the Skyland are random, it does tend to hover over the Kainin Mountains more than any other place. Rumors are told that the only way to reach is it from atop the highest of peaks in the Kainin Mountains. Skyland.png

Session #1.5 – To this day the Skyland continues to primarily circle around the Kainin Mountains. Some say it disappeared for a four day stretch years ago but others thing it was just out of site on the far south side of the Kainin Mountains.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – After leaving the Aradesh Desert, members of the Champions of Elon noticed that Skyland looked a little lower. Eventually they knew it would land somewhere between the Lessendia Forest and the Farathon Woods. There they met two warlock factions, the Followers of the Scourge and the Ancient Believers of Ao, fighting over Skyland. The Champions ignored their conflict and quickly explored the small town.


Most notably they found the Skyland Pillar in front of the town, and inside they came across numerous Skyland Objects that would be taken back to Elon for further examination. They also learned the numbers of the strange language as they were used as a countdown to when Skyland would take off again. One item that would stay in the storyline was the Field Notes of Vaddix Aquillius.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Once the Jayt Valley Pillar was powered up, members of the House of Scribe and the Galadinthar Elves were able to rescue Rand was had been up their alone for six months. Both the House and the Elves followed up on Rand’s exploration and they discovered a control room inside the mountain for the entire Skyland. Also, on the island they found the Drakor Orb. Both to this day remain a mystery.


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