The Champions of Elon

The Champions of Elon are in command of the maiden voyage of the Chaytan, a single-sail ship that debarked from Elon in a voyage of exploration. The Champions were selected by the Council of Elders for their discovery of the shipwreck and their prowess in the Tests of Reshk.

The Champions were all born within two years of each other and most importantly were all born Touched by Ao, being both Blessed and Enchanted. Their roster includes:

  • The paladin Lara of the Elon Devout (played by Jordan)
  • The ranger Jeorn Twoclaw of the Spirit of the Hawk (played by Wil)
  • The rogue Illyria (played by Brick)
  • The sorcerer Doakiln (played by Blaine)
  • The shaman Cil of the Spirt of the Hawk (played by lou)
  • The warrior Cyph (played by MF)
  • The Talenth Elf Theren Strongdraw (played by Caleb, joined before Session #4)

Session #2 (2nd Era) – During this time the Champions have visited the Halfling village of Odenburg and eliminated their oppressors, the Fire Raiders who resided atop the Steppes of Ao. They have also liberated human slaves from the Vaul Marsh who were under control of a lizardman by the name of Mazdolaq.

Session #3 (2nd Era) – Here the Champions visited the city of Nigrum Ursus who was under control of High Chieftain Shadak and the Black Bear Clan. Later they assisted the Talenth Forest and gained the admiration of Queen Shyrick.

Session #4 (2nd Era) – After Theren Strongdraw of the Elves of the Talenth Forest joined the crew, the Champions visited the Holy City of Southwatch and met Triton 714 and Divine Dermenian. From here they sailed up Ao’s Watch River and helped the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves retrieve the sacred relic known as the Amulet of the Heavens as well as eradicated the Voss Hobgoblins from the Hyx Valley and saved the Broken Tusks Clan in the process. Later they helped Selussa Alealyth save her lover Takkar from the clutches of the green dragons Tiemeth and Mersoth.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – The Chaytan sailed around the Aradesh Desert and landed in the town of Sahjar on the banks of the Serpent River. There they met Adder Karai, a city official of the Emerald Viper Clan who told a story about how orcs and undead had infiltrated the Mausoleum of Merrshaulk, a former leader of the people. It turned out to be a trap laid by Merrshaulk, a spirit naga. The champions overcame her and her yuan-ti minions, whom she was converting the villagers to. The champions also found the Aradesh Pillar here along with a Jewel of the Pillar. When they returned to the surface, Adder Karai and the rest of the village we surprised to see them. The Champions killed Adder Karai and the rest of the guards while most of the villagers scattered in the four directions. Once the rest of the crew was saved, they continued their voyage north. Next they saw Skyland descending to the earth, landing somewhere between the Lessendia Forest and the Farathon Woods. Here they saw two warlock factions, the Followers of the Scourge and the Ancient Believers of Ao fighting to get to Skyland when it landed. The champions ducked out of the battle around the Skyland Pillar when it started and quickly explored the small town, finding several Skyland Objects and another Jewel of the Pillar. Rand decided to stay behind. The Champions sailed around the Storm Coast before returning to Elon where they later learned that the Doombringer Orcs were on the march again.

Session #6 & 7 – They fought with the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus, leading their forces to victory.

The Champions of Elon

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