Voss Hobgoblins

The Voss Hobgoblins have lived in the Hilthe Mountains for centuries and have always confronted the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves. They have even gone as far as to emulate them, working on cruder versions of armor and weapons. However, with the superior numbers and blacksmithing, the dwarves have been able to push the Voss Hobgoblins around.

But they never pushed them fully out of the Hilthe Mountains.

Recently the Voss Hobgoblins amassed an army and flooded into the Hyx Valley, home of the Broken Tusks. They made quick work of the human barbarians, pushing them back and trapping them at the main gate. As they took over the farmlands of the Broken Tusks they discovered an item of great interest. It was the Amulet of the Heavens, a religious artifact that belonged to the dwarves and was recently stolen by the Broken Tusks. The hobgoblin warlord, Gremmel wore it proudly around his neck as a sign of his conquest.

Finally the Voss Hobgoblins had a secure foothold in the Hilthe Mountains.


Session #4 – Recently the Champions of Elon were hired by the Merchant King to retrieve the amulet and after they met the Broken Tusks and the Merchant King’s daughter, Jabella, they decided that the Voss Hobgoblins had to be removed from the Hyx Valley to ensure the survival of the Broken Tusks. The Champions of Elon did just this, slaying the warlord Gremmel in the process and taking back the amulet to the King and running the rest of the Voss Hobgoblins out of the Hyx Valley once and for all.

Voss Hobgoblins

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